Your natural skincare solution

Get clearer and
younger looking skin

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    Medical Grade LED
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    Clinically Proven Wavelengths
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    TGA Approved

Trusted & loved by 250+ skin clinics and dermal clinicians through out Australia and New Zealand

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AUD $599.00

3 Wavelengths, 3 Settings

Everyone benefits with the trusted Trudermal Glow

Neutralise your acne via our blue light wavelength setting.
Red light wavelengths will reduce fine lines and wrinkles
Combining blue and red lights to fight adult acne at the same time boosting collagen production.

Trudermal's superior benefits come from its 3 in 1 feature.

Acne-prone skin
Sensitive skin
Hands free
10 Mins
Medical grade silicone
Reach your skin goals

Here's how you can use the multi-purpose LED face mask to achieve clearer and healthier skin.

I want an easy way to take care of my skin at home.

I want an at-home red light mask that I can trust on my face that will work.

Taking care of my acne from home with a process that has proven results.

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Your natural skincare solution with our proven beauty tech

Get clearer and younger looking skin with the Trudermal Glow medical grade LED face mask. Make your best skin-vestment!