Trudermal LED light therapy mask

About Trudermal Glow

About us

Trudermal and the skin experts behind the brand are leading the way in customisation for those in the beauty industry wanting to level up their skincare routines. Driven by this mission and after 9 months of research and design, their first device Trudermal Glow launched in April 2022.

Glow is the only custom made take home mask in the professional sector that offers the power of all 3 clinically proven wavelengths in combinations that can treat all skin concerns with the one mask. With removable eye protection, top quality medical grade silicone and one of the first ever treatments for the top lip area, their is no skin condition this mask cannot target.

With the demand of busy lifestyles it can be challenging to find the time to keep up regular clinic visits. Trudermal Glow is your solution!

Trusted by
Skincare Professionals

Stocked in over 100 Australian and New Zealand clinics and growing, it is the go-to for treating all skin conditions at home. With its innovative design and first ever silicone upper lip treatment, it provides comfort and results.

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See it in action!

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Trudermal’s superior benefits come from 3 in 1 feature.
No other medical grade LED can be used on and on.

Acne-prone skin
Sensitive skin
Hands free
10 Mins
Medical grade silicone
Your natural skincare solution with our proven beauty tech

Get clearer and younger looking skin with the Trudermal Glow medical grade LED light therapy. Make your best skin-vestment!